Platinum Service Level

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Price: $490.00

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Technicians will perform all Silver and Gold levels of service, in addition, will spray an outbuilding no larger than a 24’ X 24’.

Will provide a no cost re-spray “Rain Event - Rain Check” for up to 10 days after the spray. After the Rain Check Period, the customer is eligible for a re-spray for a fee of $100. Rain Event is considered .5 inches of rain in any 24-hour period. Prices starting at $490.

Terms and Conditions

  • Arizona Wildfire Defense reserves the right to quote additional charges due to difficult terrain or other unusual circumstances. The additional cost will be provided to the customer in writing prior to any services being rendered.

  • Homes square footage limitations are as follows:

    Silver – 3,000 square feet
    Gold – 4,500 square feet
    Platinum – 6,000 square feet
    Greater than 6,000 square foot homes will be quoted as a custom spray

  • A rain event for the purposes of a re-spray trigger is considered to be >.5 inches in a 24 hour period, measured by the National Weather Service

  • The fire season is deemed over when there is > 2 inches of rain in a 30 day period or by December 31st, whichever comes first.