Arizona Wildfire Defense Details

Save your home with our multi-function flame stopping, fuel reducing, dampening, fire-retardant product

About Arizona Wildfire Defense

What is this spray?

You have known Phos-Chek for years (the pink stuff.) Our product is food-grade –all potentially hazardous impurities are removed, making it safer than the spray used by the USFS to fight fires by air (Phos-Chek.) 

Patent-pending retardant contains a proven, highly effective phosphate base plus proprietary enhancement ingredients that keep the area damp and reduce the fuel to dirt through composting of dead branches, leaves, needles.


How it is Different?

  • A safe, affordable retardant applied at the beginning of fire season and only reapplied if rain washes it off (very unusual)
  • Added composting agent to help break down dead plant debris faster
  • About Arizona Wildfire DefensePet and child safe
  • Food-grade phosphates and other ingredients
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Lower cost



  • Breakthrough approach to protect homes from wildfires using
  • Proprietary, safe, long-term fire retardant and fuel-reducing technology
  • Trained application specialists
  • Certification program
  • Potential insurance and mortgage discounts