Arizona Wildfire Defense Team

Arizona Wildfire Defense is a team of trained specialist offering a breakthrough approach to protect property from wildfires. As a charter distributor for Wildfire Alliance, AZWFD is offering home owners and HOA’s the latest technology in wildfire prevention available in our pilot program.
Traditional fire-safe practices recommend a five-foot "moat" of bare ground around a home, a look that few find appealing. The application of Certified Advanced Firebreak™ by Arizona Wild Fire Defense provides a way for you to maintain your preferred vegetation while keeping your home safe from flying embers. A similar strategy can be deployed around commercial operations to provide a crucial firebreak to stop an advancing wildfire.

  • Proprietary, safe, long-term fire retardant and fuel-reducing technology
  • Trained application specialists
  • Certification program to ensure homes are properly protected


Dennis Riccio
Founder and Payson Resident

Dennis’s former jobs include President and Chief Operating Officer and Managing Board Director of a NASDAQ company in the Semiconductor Industry. Substantial knowledge and experience in the realm of Customer Operations. Entrepreneur, Founder and Vice President of Sales and Marketing of an Integrated Display Systems company.