Arizona Wildfire Risk Continues to Grow

Dangerous deadly wildfires have increased in recent years and yet people continue to live and build in areas highly prone to wildfires Insurance companies are either abandoning property owners or raising premiums to levels that people cannot afford. Unprotected properties – and lives – are destroyed. Fire departments are overwhelmed by wind-driven wildfires and unable to protect homes.

  • Wildfire risk in 11 Western states is massive and growing
  • Arizona alone has 600 thousand at-risk homes and none of those were protected last year
  • Every at-risk home facing fire insurance cancellation or 2-4x premium increases

Wildfire RiskThere is no other time in the Payson’s recorded history with such high potential for fire disaster Over past decades, it has become clear that the possibility of a major disaster, in the form of uncontrollable forest fires, has grown enormously.

  • The 3 largest wildfires in Arizona’s history have occurred in each of the past three years:
  • Rodeo-Chediski 2002 (468,638 acres)
  • Aspen 2003 (84,750 acres)
  • Willow, 2004 (119,500 acres)


The conditions which resulted in those fires, continue to worsen along the Mogollon Rim. The tree density has changed from 3-10 per acre in 1900, to, in many cases, over 1000 per acre today.  This is further multiplied by a protracted drought and massive tree mortality due to bark beetle infestation. Literally, there is no other time in the area’s recorded history with such high potential for disaster.

After a fire - which home do you want to come back to?